At Frisco-Online, we take your privacy seriously, and we want you to feel comfortable with how Frisco-Online uses and stores your personal information.

Forums, Chat Rooms, Bulletin Boards and other Messaging Systems
Frisco-Online requires a login and password for some features of the site. While anyone can read our forums without logging in, users are not allowed to post messages until they have a valid user name and password.

To obtain a valid user name and password, users must provide a valid email address. Frisco-Online stores this information in a database that is not publicly accessible. Frisco-Online will only use your email address and any other information in your user profile to contact you in the following cases:

  1. You join the forum and your initial password is mailed to you.
  2. You lose your password and have the forum or other software system email it to you automatically.
  3. You change your profile to have the forum email you notices automatically or you otherwise sign up for an email alert or regularly scheduled or one-time mail-out.
  4. The moderator or administrator moves or deletes a thread and elects to have the forum automatically notify thread participants.
  5. You email Frisco-Online for help with your account.
  6. There is a Terms of Service violation on your account and a moderator or administrator has to contact you.
  7. Frisco-Online is served with a court order requesting the information.
    • If Frisco-Online or its parent company is served with any type of court order as a third party or as part of a discovery, our standard contract billing rate will apply for any work required with a minimum of four hours of billing.

Frisco-Online will never sell, trade, or share your information with anyone.

The forum, chat, or other software may give you the ability to share your personal information or profile, publicly or privately. It is your responsibility to double-check any profile settings to make sure they are set how you want them.

Minors who are subject to COPPA regulations are not allowed to join or register with Frisco-Online.


If you fill out any form on Frisco-Online with the intent of receiving a response, Frisco-Online will only use your infomration to contact you regarding your inquiry. You will not be added to any mailing list and your name and personal information will not be disclosed except as needed to fulfill your request.


Some parts and/or features of Frisco-Online may require cookies to work properly. A cookie is a text file that is sent to your computer and then back to Frisco-Online to account for your user state (logged in, not logged in). Frisco-Online can only read Frisco-Online cookies, and no other Web site can read Frisco-Online cookies. Cookies are an industry standard way of communicating with a Web server, and will only be used for those purposes on Frisco-Online.

IP Addresses

Whenever you go to any Web site, your IP address is transmitted to the server. Frisco-Online only uses this information to track and block users who violate our Terms of Service agreement when necessary. Frisco-Online will never try to identify individual users by their IP addresses except to enforce our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, contact us at