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Asparagus Phyllo Tart

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  • Asparagus Phyllo Tart

    Asparagus Phyllo Tart
    by Razorback Wife

    1 lb phyllo
    1 bunch spinach
    1 bundle asparagus
    2 large potatoes, sliced
    1 3/4 c gyuyere cheese, grated (you can use just about anything though)
    1/2 tsp nutmeg
    3 eggs lightly beaten
    1 cup cream (I actually use the fat free half and half and it comes out fine)
    salt, pepper to taste

    Put the phyllo in a pie pan or quiche pan and chill
    Blanch the spinach and asparagus
    Poach the potato slices
    Assemble by layering potato then salt/pepper and nutmeg, then a layer of spinach and season again. Add the cheese and a second layer of potato and spinach, seasoning each one.
    Beat the eggs and cream and pour over potatoes and spinach
    Arrange a line of asparagus over the top
    Bake at 350 for at least 45 min (may have to cover the edges of phyllo half way through cooking)

    It's good and relatively healthy if you use 2% cheese and half and half or FF half and half.