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    recommendations for physical therapists for outpatient pt after knee replacement?

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    Colby and Mo at Frisco Physical Therapy near the Kroger on Preston are fantastic at their jobs. Helped me with a shoulder and knee surgeries. Can't recommend them enough.
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      I second Frisco Physical Therapy although the therapist who helped me is no longer there.


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        No recommendation but rehab like professional athlete. Do your exercises 2-5X more often than the once/twice recommended. Yes, it will hurt, but getting your range of motion and strength back faster will produce a better long term outcome. Run the concept past your ortho, but don't be surprised if the answer is - if you can take the pain there is a lot to be gained. Getting you back to 100% as fast a possible has whole body impact.

        Many of the guidelines are designed to minimize pain - rather than minimize pain, let's maximize results. Pain is weakness leaving the body.