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    Anyone have any experience with any Frisco Assisted Care Facilities? Mind is sharp but falling is the issue. Trying to find the best possible fit for my Dad. Thanks in advance.

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    We checked out several in Frisco a few years ago when relocating my mom. We settled on Sunrise Senior Living on Legacy just south of Warren. A little higher than some of the others around but the amenities, facilities, care level, etc., are in line with the cost. This is a corporate/private facility and they do not accept medicare if this is a concern. Good luck....hope you find the right facility for your dad.
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      We’re big fans of Saddle Brook - on Legacy between Main & Eldorado. A little pricier than some, but they offer memory care and have a larger better trained staff than the first assisted living home we placed our relatives in Coppell. Plus, we liked their security better than most properties. We also liked that it was a one-story property, our relatives have trouble walking and sometimes fall.

      The director is Tipton - and we now base much of our assessment on how the director manages the staff and the property. This guy is wonderful - go meet him. He doesn’t hide in the office like some directors, he’s walking the floor constantly.

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        Yup just went through this back in Jan through April with my mom. I can tell you I have nothing but the highest regards for the people at Sunrise senior living in Frisco. They are on legacy just south of Warren. They went above and beyond the call of duty to help get my mom relocated. once they they did everything in their power to make her feel welcome. We toured a bunch of places and it was really the only place we found where there was "life" people were actually living there. the staff from the receptionist at the front door all the way to the nursing staff are extraordinarily professional. We had individuals jump through hoops for us and even on one occasional delayed a departure for vacation to make sure an issue with my mom was handled. Can't say enough goo stuff about that place.