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    Before I go in and subject myself to touring with a salesperson, does anyone know what the membership fees are at Lifetime Fitness? This would be a membership for me and my husband, but if you know of any of the other memberships and could post that to give us an idea what to expect it would be appreciated!

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    It is $130/month with 3 kids.
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      So I haven't shopped around for a gym simply because I go to the athletic center, which is $60 a month for our family of 4, or $50 a month if you pay for a year in advanced. Just curious what the others offer at $130 a month? More classes, etc?

      Sorry not trying to derail, just curious.


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        To the OP. We had been member of Lifetime Plano since they opened in 2003 until last month. For DW and I plus two kids we paid $125 a month.

        Acorcoran - We looked at the Rec Center when it first opened but the biggest reason we stayed at Lifetime was for the child care. At the time DS was still not in school so he went about 4 times a week with DW to the gym. The facilities at Lifetime for the kids are so much better than the rec center. There is no comparision. Once you leave the infant room at Lifetime you no longer need reservations plus the hours are all day. They do not close during the day.

        Lifetime also has towel service and the lockers come with a lock. I used to work south of Frisco so I'd go in the morning before work and get ready there so it was great not having to make sure I had a lock and fresh towels each day.

        We moved to the Rec Center in March. We suspended our Lifetime membership (pay $10 month to restart anytime at same rate) to see if the rec center is a better fit. We no longer both work south of Frisco so Lifetime was feeling very out of the way. The kids have a lot of friends who either are memebers or buy one for summer so they can use the pool so we wanted to see if we used the pool facilities more at rec center since we know more people who go there.

        Lastly, as both our kids are in school during the day we really don't have a need for gym childcare like we used to so the fact the Lifetime has great facilities was no longer a big plus for us.


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          Don't forget the eucalyptice steam room at Lifetime- that was my favorite part, but in the end I couldn't justify the $ verses FAC. I did perfer Lifetime, but FAC is a close second. I actually perfered the childcare better at FAC- I felt it wasn't as rowdy and more organized, but I have two girls. (Although I didn't like making reservations at FAC.) I would try FAC out for a month and also buy a day pass at Lifetime and try it out too.


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            I loved Lifetime, just could not keep up with the gas to get there. If you are close by, it is a very nice place to get fit in. I wish one was closer to me as I would join again. We have 24 hour fitness and it just does not have the same feel to it.
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              We loved Lifetime! So many different activities for the whole family! My youngest loved the pool and rock climbing wall, son#2 loved weightlifting. My husband did racquetball/Wally ball. I'm a runner so I used their treadmills on bad weather days and we also took classes (abs, stepper, aerobics,etc) that were included in our membership. We were very happy there but when my husband was laid off, that was the first thing to go. We paid $142 for five of us. They also offered many discounts for other services like cell phones, eating out, etc.
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                i just joined the one in allen yesterday! i LOVE it! it has so many perks and the classes are amazing. i did a spin class at 5:30 this morning and everyone in there was so nice. you also get $300 liftime bucks if you sign up right now. i put mine towards swim lessons for DD. you can put them towards PT also. thats what my boyfriend is going to do.