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Great romantic date night ideas in Frisco??

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  • Great romantic date night ideas in Frisco??

    I'd like to take my husband on a romantic date this weekend and would LOVE recommendations! The city is so pretty this time of year and creative ideas are welcomed! We've lived here 6 months and are still "exploring" the area
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    The only *potentially* romantic spots I can think of in Frisco are Josephine's in Frisco Square or maybe Tru Fire. If you go to Frisco Square, they will probably still be having the horse drawn carriage rides and so you could always do that afterwards.

    ETA: There are also some nice restaurants over in the Legacy/121 area that might be worth checking out...


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      Just know Frisco Square will be packed with Merry Mainstreet on Saturday so parking especially with theater opening up will be a bear.

      Tru-Fire is nice and is Bonnie Ruth's next store. If you want steak you could try SilverFox.


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        I know you said Frisco, but Cafe Malaga in McKinney is really nice, and I think they have a lot going on in their downtown as well.