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Flag Football for a New Player 10 Yrs Old

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  • Flag Football for a New Player 10 Yrs Old

    My son wants to try flag football this spring. He's in 4th grade and has thrown a football around but doesn't really know the rules of the game. I looked into FriscoFootball4Fun and the program looks good, but they don't place players according to skill level and so each team has mixed skill levels. I am concerned he will get on a team that everyone knows how to play that won't really teach the basics and he won't get to play much. What are your suggestions for where to play?

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    My son is 8 and he played at Fieldhouse Indoor Flag football last summer and was new. It's not necessarily a recommendation, but I do like the Fieldhouse programs and how they run things. We are looking at Spring flag football. He didn't really know anything about it, so it was a good intro for him. I wouldn't give 9/10 yr olds too much credit of "knowing everything" as there are probably alot that are in the same boat as you of being new. Fieldhouse has minimum playing time rules for basketball, I assume they do for football as well. He played on a "pool team", so most players on the team were new to football. Although, you'll probably run up against teams that have played together a while, where they are alot more skilled. I don't know that you'll get away from that, it goes with football, soccer, basketball, etc. More importantly is getting a good parent coach that will understand it's about all the kids on team, not just a select few. There are great coaches and some are jerks,you just hope you get with a good one.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, he's shown the interest, so that's the important part, then let things fall into place and see how it goes. Worst case, you don't sign up again.


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      Last year my son played flag football for the first time in the fall with the Y. We had a good experience there.

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