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Seeking help for chickens in Plano

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  • Seeking help for chickens in Plano

    Hey y'all. I understand this is a Frisco forum. I also understand that Frisco already allows some chickens. I and others are meeting next Sunday to get rid of the ordnance imposed on us by the City Council of Plano prohibiting the keeping of chickens. We have alternatives to "begging permission" and my plan is to exercise those other options. We will need help. I am seeking others who are passionate about allowing people to raise their own food help change this local decree. After a, hopefully, successful effort here in Plano I will be looking to make this a statewide issue.

    Please message me through this forum if you are interested in helping us out. Thank you.

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    Have you pointed out to the City of Plano that they provide a job shack right at Parker and 75 that caters to Illegal aliens (who are not legally allowed to work in the USA). Or have you pointed out to the city they have a Dart Rail Station that is almost beside the job shack that bring in newly released criminals from the pen who live in half way house in South Dallas area and a lot of those become vagrants and end up living behind the buildings all along Parker and Ave K.


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      I have heard that if Plano animal control finds out that someone has chickens in Plano they will send a SWAT team. But I know for a fact that Plano animal control won't do anything if people encourage their loose pit bull to charge neighbors who are outside for a walk. Priorities. Do you have a URL or Facebook group? I'm interested.
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