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PSA - Uploading pics on FOL

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  • PSA - Uploading pics on FOL

    I have seen many FOL classifieds posters say they have been unable to upload attachments. One reason may be the file size is too large. A quick work around - open the pic in Paint and click resize and enter a percentage or pixel amount. I go with percentage. The lower numbers will result in a smaller file size (eg it has to be under 90 KB for JPG format) and you will be able to load the pic.

    How do you know what sizes and formats work? In the attachment window that pops up, you will see a ? icon next to how much of file space you have already used up. Click that icon and you will know what formats and what limits go with each supported format. Hope this helps!


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    I usually just upload them to imgur... fast servers to handle files of just about any size, and doesn't weigh down FOL.
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      Pers, I use photobucket. Is Imgur a better option?
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        Originally posted by ThisCharmingMan View Post
        Pers, I use photobucket. Is Imgur a better option?
        Yes. There are a few like imgur out there as well that allow you to quickly upload and share images without needing an account or anything like that.


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          Also to follow up with that. You can use an album link (if you have multiple pictures to upload) or you can use the pre-formatted 'Forum' URL provided by Imgur.

          You can also just use
          and embed the image directly into your post.


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            I often don't agree with you on political issues, but, in addition to political threads, you also post on other subjects like this one, for example, and often have useful, helpful information that you share on FOL. I like your restaurant reviews too. For these, I salute you.