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Knee pain, not sure what type or how to treat?

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  • Knee pain, not sure what type or how to treat?

    I started having pain on the lower part of my knee, just below the front knee cap. Sometimes it feel like my leg is going to just go, then other times I feel the pain on the out side on the knee along the legs , and other times I feel it by my ankles, and also on the back side on the knee. I was taking ibuprofen for a few days, this might have helped some. I want to keep walking but I fear this will cause more harm.

    My puppy ran into the side of my knee today and it cause me to scream in pain, him running into me was not the pain but the area.

    Does anyone know what type of issue or knee injury this is and what I should try at home?


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    If rest and Ibuprofen haven't helped after a few days, it's best to f/u with your Doc...just to be on the safe side.


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      Go see Dr. Alan Barber. (he performed my wife's recent knee surgery)


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        Could it be this?

        Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome


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          Originally posted by OneVoice View Post
          Yes, that could be it. I went and bought a knee brace last night. The knee does not hurt when I am setting, but does hurt when I walk. I think what might have happened is when I took my dog walking I often walk on the grass. I think since the ground is not stable this might have cause the harm. I am keeping off of it as much as possible. I went to one doctor and he did not seem to think much of it, so I think resting it some and walking on payment might be best. I plan to go out and find a good pair of walking shoes( I usually walk in running shoes) later today and see if this will help. Thanks for looking that information up.


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            I suffer from this periodically, mainly when I run. I have found the two things that help me most are a) stretching very well post-warmup and pre-run, especially the hamstrings and hip bands, and b) running with a forefoot strike and NOT landing on my heels.

            Unfortunately, I've never had much luck at trying to rehab with just rest and ice/heat... I've pretty much just worked through it using a) and b) above.

            I'm not sure how b) might apply to walking, but would definitely advise the stretching part.


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              The wrap I got was alright, but think I will go get the regular Ace wrap tomorrow. I went over to Brookstones tonight and used their massager on my leg, that HURT !! but it feel better now. The knee is still "popping". I hate this. I never appreciated my knees as much as I do now.

              OneVoice, My doctor is always reminding me to do stretches, I think I understand why now. Thanks !!


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                To me, discovery of the hip band stretches was a real boon. My favorite is to put one ankle on top of the opposite knee, then squat. Pretty much have to hold on to something to keep from falling over, but boy can you feel the stretch through the outside of the hip. I also find that the more often I stretch, the more flexible I become, and the less my knees and other joints complain when I run.

                Good luck!!


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                  How has your knee been doing lately?