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    We are moving back to Frisco and I am curious about this neighborhood....I need to find out a few things from someone who lives in the neighborhood.

    Do you hear the trains? How often and what times do they run?
    Are the Stadium lights at Legacy Christian shining into the houses behind it?
    Do you hear noise from the stadium?

    I have found several houses I like in the area but just a little nervous about these issues. Thanks for your assistance!

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    Hello - I live in Cheyenne Crossing and can answer most of your questions. I live at the other end of the neighborhood from where the railroad is. I hear the trains, but not often. They rarely blow the horn - I think only if there's an animal on the tracks or something. If we are out in the front, we can hear the train as it goes by, but it's not bothersome. We cannot hear them from inside. I'm not sure about the houses next to the track, but I've never heard complaints. During football season, we do hear the stadium noise on Friday nights. I kinda like that though. I grew up going to high school football games every weekend and love hearing the bands. Plus, it's only until 10ish and not every week. I don't live behind the stadium, so I'm not sure how bothersome the noise is and the lights are to those houses. It's a great neighborhood and we've really enjoyed living here. We don't have the ammenities that others have, but there is a park across the street and the school playground around the corner. We have several events throughout the year, but I think that's pretty typical with most neighborhoods here. If you happen to buy in CC, send me a PM and let me know.


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      Hi! I've lived here for almost 2 years. Our biggest concern when looking was the train, I even went to a few houses and knocked on doors to ask opinions! Now that we've been here? It has NEVER once been an issue for us. You can hear it when you're outside but inside, it's a faint rumble that I only notice maybe a few times/week. I've never been disturbed by it. As for schedule, there doesn't seem to be one. I do notice the horn more now, but only because it is hardly ever blown since they made it a horn-free zone. Again, though, it has never disturbed me.
      As for LCA, everything the other poster said is my experience too. We do live across the street from the street that backs up to thestadium so I do notice the lights when they are on, but it's never past 10pm and it's only every other Friday in the fall. NO big deal!
      We've been very happy here. Walking to school is fabulous and there are a ton of kids here.


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        HI1 I have lived in this subdivision for about 6 years now! I absolutley love it! As for the train: it runs at least every two days, but you can only hear it if you are outside. I dont know about the houses closer to the track, but as far as im concerned, the horn blows only once, maybe twice. The football lights at LCA, can be noticed, but arent bothersome.
        You hear their announcer sometimes, but that is because I live two streets away. The good news is, games are only some Fridays in the fall! The stadium can be heard sometimes, and is usually at 8-10 PM, so if you have little ones, that could be a problem. Most nights with concerts are usually on weekends or in the summer, so most kids will have later bedtimes.

        But, overall, none of these things really bother me.
        For me, to live is Christ...


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          Cheyenne Houses

          Other than the few that are listed, anyone putting their house on the market soon. We would love to get into the neighborhood!


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            Sent PM. I think my neighbor will be on the market soon