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Trump's Selective Racism Implemented in a New Travel Ban

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  • Trump's Selective Racism Implemented in a New Travel Ban

    I expect the left to fight this in Hawaii within 48 hours. This is selective racism at it's best.

    If the left doesn't fight this, it proves they are racist against larger electronics.
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    Woo! More security theater!


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      Originally posted by Mugzy View Post
      Woo! More security theater!
      What gets me, once you travel so many airports have so many different rules.

      Some places will not let you in the airport until you go thru a metal detectors, others you can walk up to the ticket counter. Some places require you to remove your shoes off when going thru screening for the gate, some don't.

      I have been able to carry my water bottle thru the screening for the gate, many others won't allow it.

      Some international flights I have been patted down about 3 times, others you just go thru screening.


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        Now being Intel obtained in the Yemen raid indicated such airline attacks are in planning. BUT REMEMBER.....the left stated no useful Intel obtained in this raid

        Also......the U.K. has now also implemented this device travel ban