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Moving to Frisco with a special need child

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  • Moving to Frisco with a special need child

    Hi Group! We are moving to Frisco with our two kids our son 9yrs old has special needs. (Prader willi syndrome) please I urgently need to get advices on good elementary schools in Frisco where the special classes for him are good just like the stuffs teachers support and resources. Thank You!!! (Our first priority is the school for the kids we want to move in the catchment area of the school. Thank You!)

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    Private School
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      My son has autism and we did commute to Preston Hollow for 5 years because at that time we felt he was better served that way. However, I do think Frisco has a pretty good special ed program (depending on your needs) and the 3rd party advocate I use to help me with ARDS, etc. works in many of the surrounding districts and from her experience Frisco is one of the best for special needs kids. I'm not sure what your child's needs are but with my son it doesn't really matter where we are zoned. They do not have every special education program at every school. Depending on the program that is the best fit for your child, the district will bus them to a campus that has the program that is needed. In elementary, my son was in the SAIL program at Smith for a couple of years and now we are in Functional Academics at one of the middle schools. I do think some schools do a better job of inclusion, etc. but it doesn't really matter where you live, as the campus will be decided in your ARD meeting.

      If your son is going to be in a general education setting and just needs support in the classroom then that is a different story. I honestly don't have experience with that particular situation. Good luck!


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        My son has high-functioning autism ("asperger's") and just started 6th grade. He is in the general education setting and he's struggling terribly. He's very smart but he's refusing to do work and just acting up. It is SO much worse this year than it was last year. I'm very interested in the SAIL program. His counselor had mentioned a social skills class at his campus that could take the place of his elective, but I think SAIL is altogether a different program. Mom About Town - have you been happy with the SAIL program? Also, would you mind sending me the information on the 3rd party advocate you used to help with ARDS, etc? We are seeing someone in Dallas but she is very unfamiliar with the Frisco school systems and what they offer. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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          We are empty nesters now, but we have a neighbor who's child is retarded. He is the sweetest little boy (5). I struggle to see how he would even make it in the school district here, though (FISD).

          I'll find out where they are sending him and post later.

          Good luck and God bless.