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Apple Creek Preschool - Summer Program

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  • Apple Creek Preschool - Summer Program

    Looking for feedback on Apple Creek in general, and on their summer preschool.

    Has anyone done the summer preschool program in the past few years? How was your experience? Or if your child currently attends during the school year, what are your thoughts on the school?

    Definitely want to hear all perspectives - positive, neutral, or negative. Thanks!

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    Just curious if there is any feedback


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      Hi there apple creek offers various summer school camps that are m-f 5 day camps as well as full month school days for summer. They also have enrichment classes such as phonics and handwriting that you can incorporate into any summer curriculum you choose. Hope that helps pm me if you need any more info. Ps....I'm a teacher there
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        My kids went there last summer and I was underwhelmed. It was fine, but my kids who usually love to go to school didn't want to go. After all the raves I had read on FOL I expected more academically and just thought it was pretty typical from other schools and summer programs that I have seen. There was nothing negative about the experience other than my kids didn't really seem to think it was fun and I didn't think they learned anything they had already been taught. The teachers and staff seemed nice enough but we won't be doing it again this summer.


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          My kids went to the summer program 2 years ago and had a great time. I don't think it was very academic based for the summer, but I was told that it was more"campy" and fun than the regular school year. My kids came home with cute arts and crafts and talked about the fun science experiments that they did. I would have sent them again last summer but they had aged out.