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Castle Montessori in Frisco

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  • Castle Montessori in Frisco

    Anyone have any reviews or heard anything on Castle Montessori in Frisco? We plan on taking a tour soon..
    any info would be appreciated! :-)

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    We are familiar with the staff that moved over from Castle Hills Montessori and were very happy with the time we spent there (~3 years). The only reason we stopped going was due to moving to Frisco, and then we decided to hire a nanny since we had 3 kids with only 1 in school and it was more economical at the time.

    Now we have 2 of the 3 kids going to school starting in the fall so plan on putting the smallest into Castle Montessori full time and just having a nanny for after school hours. I took a tour a month or two ago and the layout is very similar and everybody is very friendly. After looking at all the options I think we are going to put our youngest at Castle Montessori just because that is where we felt the most comfortable.


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      Love it!

      My daughter has attended Castle Montessori in Frisco for 1 1/2 years. She began when she had just turned 2 and we love it! The staff is great and they are very good at communicating with the parents. My daughter stayed with my mother in law until she was 2 so we were a bit nervous about putting her in a school to begin with but she has really done excellent there. She is so excited about it and has learned so much! Good luck on finding a place, I know that was a really hard decision for us when were were looking as well.