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What GPA is top 10% in Frisco ISD high schools?

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    Originally posted by Geck View Post

    here is one study i found. while i'm not sitting here typing that kids should slack off and not worry about grades. GPA and success have little correlation. College is completely what "you" make it. If you want to party you can party. You want to study you can study. you want to find Mr. or Mrs. right you can do that to. You don't have to be the top 10% of your class to be successful. will it help? don't know but some studies have shown that it doesn't.

    To me unless you are attending an Ivy League school or some highly specialized school for some highly specialized discipline ( medicine, law school) graduating with a 3.0 GPA vs. a 4.0 GPA won't matter.

    I'm wondering how many people have been on job interviews right out of college and have been asked what their GPA was. I know I have never been asked and i graduated from a school in NYC and had a job on Wall Street right out of college.
    Some colleges and/or major within a University require a certain GPA so a 3.0 vs 4.0 would make a difference. Way back when I was interviewing it helped having a higher GPA to get through initial screening process. I did get asked GPA on first couple jobs after graduation.

    If I am funding my childs education I am not paying for them to party. If they want to party they can move out, get a job and pay own tuition and party away. They don't have to get a 4.0 but their job in school is to study so I expect that to come first. I knew some of the people who chose to party vs study. Most got kicked out of school after the first year and others spend many semesters struggling to keep GPA high enough to not be kicked out.

    Having said that it does not follow you for life. It is all about what you make of the opportunities presented to you in life. I never imagined in college the path my career would take and it has been about taking advantage of the opportunities you are given.
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      It is absolutely not necessary for a student to "load up" on AP courses in high school to achieve 1) a high GPA, or 2) access to scholarships to either in-state or out-of-state universities.

      My kiddo graduated high school last year ranked #4 in her class with a 5.31 GPA. She did this by combining Pre-AP with AP during her freshman through junior years, along with some dual credit courses her senior year as she knew they would transfer to UT.

      She took no more than 3 Pre-AP/AP courses per year over the fours years of high school and yet was able to achieve a very high GPA. The key was she took Pre-AP/AP courses that she was interested in and excelled in those. Including the credit she received from AP scores and dual credit courses, she has 43 hours right now in her first semester at UT.

      Keep in mind that some AP courses offered in FISD and other districts, World History, European History, and Human Geography to name a few, do not lead to meaningful college credit hours because they do not fulfill requirements necessary to graduate from university.

      As an aside, some of the scholarship awards that have been discussed in this thread are not predicated on the number of AP courses a student has completed; rather they are based on SAT/ACT scores. So, schools such as Oklahoma State and Texas A&M award monies based on SAT/ACT scores of 1300/30 and above (Oklahoma State has lesser scholarship amounts for SAT/ACT scores at 1090/24;1130/25; and 1210/27). OSU also has a minimum high school GPA requirement of 3.0 to receive the out-of-state scholarship, but no stipulation as to the number of AP courses taken. Neither does A&M.

      Class rank and GPA is a game. It is quite possible for a student to excel by taking the AP courses that interest them. It worked in my kiddo's case, and has been a worthwhile strategy for others as well.


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        I don't think AP or Honors or GT should have higher scale. You can refer this website


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          I don't think AP or Honors or GT should have higher scale. You can refer this website https://gpahub[.]net/


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            All these old threads need to be locked.
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              Originally posted by rbrodner View Post

              That's how our high school was it I was punished for it. While our co-valedictorians both took all the same honors and AP classes as me, and deserved to be up there, our salutatorian's most difficult class was "basket weaving for dummies".
              Same at my high school. We called it cheating back then.
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                Originally posted by MustLoveCats View Post
                Approximately what GPA number qualifies for the 10% rule in Frisco ISD these days? I understand that the exact number changes year over year based on the student make up but I am curious about the ballpark of what we are working with here. Will 3.5 be in top 10? Will 4.0 be in top 10? (I have heard a couple of years ago that in Plano it was higher than 4.0).

                GPA is a very complex thing.
                First, there are two type of GPAs. One is unweighted, that is on a scale of 4.0. In this every course has same weight. This is where people can get a perfect 4.0 if they are good and teachers are easy graders. This GPA is same for most schools but different in a way that some schools give an A or 4.0 for 90 while others like Plano won't give 4.0 unless student scores a 97. That is making things unnecessarily crazy tough.

                Second type of GPA is weighted GPA, here every course is weighed differently. AP or IB courses are weighed high, honors courses lower and regular courses lowest. This GPA can have a scale of 4.5 - 10. Most districts use 5.0 or 6.0 scale. Frisco uses 6.0 while Plano does 5.0. If a Plano student has a 4.5 and a Frisco student has a 5.5, it's not that Plano student's GPA is lower, it's just his GPA is on a different scale but higher.

                My nephew attends Plano West and it is crazy over there, you literally have to be Harvard material to make top 1% there, we are quite fortunate here in Frisco.

                If a Frisco student tells you that his GPA is 4.6, ask what scale, it's pretty low for a scale of 10.0 but seriously amazing for a 5.0 scale. Same way, a 3.8 unweighted is pretty good but a 3.8 weighted is very average.
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                  Originally posted by avavida View Post
                  I don't think AP or Honors or GT should have higher scale. You can refer this website https://gpahub[.]net/
                  Honors and AP courses have difficult curriculum and require more time and effort. It would be unfair to students and they would avoid advance courses.


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                    In the end, GPA may mean little when it comes to making money.
                    Here's a joke you might not laugh at:
                    All the poorest work the hardest for the smallest
                    Do what you got to do


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                      It truly depends on the quality of the teacher in the AP classes. My son just graduated FISD in June. His AP Government did not turn his last 2 grades which were a minor and a major. Ridiculous when you have to send a final transcript to the students college as that class final grade was not accurate. I email his counselor and AP, and absolutely no response.