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New to Texas. What is this mum thing?

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  • New to Texas. What is this mum thing?

    Being new to Texas I need a little clarification....
    My freshman daughter participated in Kit Kamp at Wakeland HS this past Friday. She brought home info abut homecoming. What exactly is this mum and garter tradition all about and what exactly is the protocol for homecoming and giving/receiving etc. Back at our old HS we didn't have traditions like this and this sounds great but I'm not sure what it's really all about. Any info would be appreciated.


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    It's a Texas tradition! Back in the 80's, it was more like this... guy asks girl to homecoming, girl gets mum (real flowers for our HS) decorated with school colors and trinkets, they dress up and go the the Homecoming game/dance together.

    Even as cheerleaders we wore our mums during the game. Band members, too. The guy garters didn't really become popular until after we were long gone!

    Now, not sure how it all works, but that should give you some idea of what it is about. Also, google Texas homecoming mums and you will find stories & pics.


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      Like the previous posted stated it's big deal in Texas as you will soon learn we eat, live and sleep football.

      When I was in HS in the 90's. The guy gave his homecoming date a mum (ours were fake flowers) with school color & decorates. The longer & more stuff on it the better back in my day. The girl gave the garter to her date. It is school spirit but also showed who had been asked to the dance. Everyone that attended the homecoming game wore their mum/garter to support and cheer on their team.

      We did not wear them to the dance. They were only worn to school on Friday (game day).


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        My kids are too young to do this now, but when I was in high school I know the cheerleaders and drill team members all purchased their mums through the same vendor (dates did not buy them) at our school. This was done so they would look fairly uniform, although you could customize to a certain extent. We just wore them to school on Friday and to the game. We did not wear mums to the dance, although some people would take them to hold in the dance pictures. Football players garter were basically the guy version of the mum (much less ornate of course). I guess people who were not in those activities probably had theirs purchased by their dates . . . We also wore the artificial ones and I've only seen one "real" one the whole time I was in high school. I hung mine on the wall in my room with all the other stuff on my bulletin board after homecoming.


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          Also, since your DD IS a freshman...just a note, there is a "rank" to these mums. She would work with a single mum for her first year and it grows up to a triple or deluxe mum when she's a senior.

          It's a great way to remember her high school years. Personally, if I had a daughter, I would make it myself for them instead of a date giving one to her. From my personal experience, that mum would remind her of that "date" than the experience of her high school years.


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            I so miss the mum thing! I love homecoming and all it stands for and I wish more areas would get into it as much as TX does. I loved loved making mums....ahhh high school football. No one and I mean NO ONE does it as good as TX. Can I come back now??


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              Had no clue this was just a Texas thing! Definitely one of the most fun traditions I remember from HS! Glad to see makers have gotten smarter and created more of a necklace/lanyard way to wear them. I had to go buy this huge bra with crazy thick straps so that I had something to attach mine to because it would have pulled my T-shirt down well past dress code acceptability


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                I saw one last year at Lone Star's forthcoming game that was so big the girl wore it around her neck. She had to have a battery pack for it since it lit up. Crazy! I don't "get" the whole mum thing being an AZ girl but it is a huge money-maker here. My friend made her daughter's mum and it cost well over $50.


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                  PLEASE WATCH. . .EXPLAINS IT ALL. . .

                  Also, just youtube homecoming mum and will get hundreds of videos. It is a construction zone at our home for the past several weeks (Homecoming is in October). My daughter is a senior and mom has been working on for some time. She will need suspenders or something to hold it up!

                  Also, you will hear different practices about boyfriends mom's making, etc., but I think these days many make themselves or their mom. Biggest reason is that it can take weeks if they are serious about it, unless they purchase at Kroger.

                  Originally posted by krisfromaz View Post
                  My friend made her daughter's mum and it cost well over $50.

                  That is well on the low end.
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                    Thanks to all who replied and loved the YouTube video.

                    Showed DD the mums and she was like "but why would someone wear that".
                    We talked about new traditions now that we live somewhere different and she's thinking about it. Being new I didn't want her to feel "different" if this was something typically all HS girls/boys participated in and I wanted her to have an idea what ppl were talking about when the mums were discussed.


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                      I grew up in Arkansas and we did homecoming mums. I will say, however, that they were just mums with game day ribbons and maybe some gold footballs, glitter and/or bells, but nothing that required a sidecar to transport it around. Anyway, just wanted to add that we did always have homecoming mums (in a place other than Texas).


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                        I grew up in Oklahoma and we did Mums. It had nothing to do with who had asked who to a dance and status (single mum, etc...). We wore them for school spirit before homecoming. I was a cheerleader and we wore them for all the homecoming events. I have a neighbor here that makes them if anyone needs one PM me.


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                          Mums are crazy big here and as you will find out when going through any of the craft stores are big business. The trinkets usually represent the things they are involved in at school ie, cheer, band, etc. I think the little teddy bears represent they are dating. There is usually something that shows the year they graduate. And then of course you add all the streamers, ribbons, cow-bells, etc. Some even have battery packs. If you're crafty, they aren't difficult to make.

                          And these things can be expensive! The more you put on it the more it costs. Our girls and their cousin saved every one. They were so much fun.


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                            I grew up in Dallas and there were mums in the school. I was in drill team and we each bought our own. I used my own money to buy mine and it cost over $40 at the time (early 1990s)-- mine wasn't the longest, biggest, and trinkets galore, but it wasn't the smallest. I remember shortly after the whole homecoming was over, I thought it wasn't worth it. The girls got to compare mums but really the team's was the same so there wasn't much of a comparison. It was fun to see the other mums that weren't purchased from the vendors selling at school.

                            But, the mums were a pain to sit down with or go up stairs because I was stepping on them or sitting on them. And I used it for one day and a football game -- You wouldn't want to be seen with last year's mum. And the mums often have the year on one of the ribbons. After high school, I threw away my mum... moving away from home, college, moving forward in life, there was no need and no room to keep a mum.

                            My advice is see if DD is really interested or feels peer pressure to get it to fit in knowing that you just moved here. With the cost of mums, the money spent on a mum could go towards something else that can be a better memory than a mum used one time.