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Desperately seeking schooling options for next year!

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  • Desperately seeking schooling options for next year!

    I am hoping to get some feedback from other parents that have thier kids in private schools. My 11 year old has struggled so much through school. He has ADHD, sensory processing disorder, processing issues and learning challenges, and I believe he has Asperger's, although he hasn't been formally diagnosed with the latter. We tried homeschooling for a couple of years (1st/2nd grades), but that did not work for us at all. He is so overwhelmed with school and absolutely despises it. He is extremely smart, but has pretty much given up on trying because he feels he isn't getting help from his teachers, he is getting picked on by other students and the workload is just more than he can handle.

    I have checked into some of the private schools that specialize in working with kids that have these types of challenges and it seems you have to be independently wealthy to be able to afford it. I can't imagine how we could afford $15,000 to $17,000 a year on his school, and I think most of them expect payment in full up front.

    Does anyone have any other experiences with other types of schools that we could look into (even other private schools that might be less expensive)? Please share any info or suggestions you might have.

    Thank you so much!

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    Private schools that specialize in helping kids like your son are truly wonderful. All of the teachers have training and experience so they know how to teach your child. Kids thrive in this type of environment. These schools are expensive. The good news is that most offer financial aid. I want to encourage you to find out more about the typical financial aid package that is offered for each school. Also I think some schools offer some sort of payment plan.

    Good luck!


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      My DD has Aspergers and goes to one of these private schools. It is very expensive but in our case they were arresting our daughter yearly (at ten and eleven years of age). The second time around cost us 15 thousand in legal fees. It didn't take us long to figure out this was a pattern and that the 15 or so thousand would be better spent at a private school (not to mention much less stressful).

      I am very involved in the fundraising for scholarships. At our school they do not give scholarships to first year students. After the first year you are eligible and can apply. They do take payments monthly.

      Obviously such a school would be ideal for your child. You may want to enquire with FISD about the SAIL program. Your son sounds like a perfect candidate. I am not sure if this program was actually implemented but it sounded ideal for a child with Aspergers and or ADHD (severe).

      Once my child was in smaller school with less noise, action and change she blossomed. The biggest change was that the teachers liked her and understood her. They came at her with positivity and the change in her was almost instant and we have never looked back.


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        Financial aid is pretty limited for these LD schools - not for 1st year students, and then it's only $3-7,000 which helps, but still leaves you with $9,000-15,000. It is so worth it though. I'm not wealthy. It was just a matter of prioritizing. Some parents hit up the grandparents for assistance. There used to be student loans you could take too. Not sure if those are still around. Some of the schools have a 10 month payment plan.

        You might try Shelton School's summer program this summer. It's cheaper and you don't have to be a regular Shelton student.

        It's the outstanding teaching at these schools they sets them apart - in addition to small classes, individual attention and other things. If you can manage it, it is so worth it.


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          You might have to consider moving out of TX in order to find a public schools that works.

          Try the Sandy, UT area as an example


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            A friend of mine has issues very similar to yours. She has been homeschooling also but needed extra help dealing with her DD's learning disabilities, including dyslexia.

            She has enrolled her DD 3x/week at Grace ( and has been very happy so far.
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              My son attended a private school for kids with learning differences for 5 years. The commute to Preston Hollow was a whip for the entire family. I was spending 2 1/2 hours per day in the car driving back and forth. I don't really have suggestions on the cost of private school because they all seem to be pretty pricey. We were spending north of $20K. He was accepted into the SAIL program in Frisco ISD this year and it has been a major blessing to our family. I feel the program actually has helped him improve exponentially in the year he has been there. He is getting a better program than we were paying so much money for in his private school and we are not having to commute. My behavioral therapist actually told me about a month ago if you had told her last year when she did his evaluation in his private school that he would be where he is now she would not have believed it possible.

              It all depends on where the school ends up feeling that you fit (and what you qualify for) and I feel like we got a really good placement. We did hire a behavioral therapist who is very well-versed in dealing with school districts and having her assist with our ARDs and IEPs and she observes him every 6 weeks to keep his goals updated, etc. The good news is that there are a bunch of resources in the Dallas area. We know a family who moved here from San Francisco (could have moved anywhere) because of the number of private schools and options for special needs kids in Dallas. Good luck!


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                Its a pretty late question in this thread; many of you above have mentioned private schools but not named them. If you dont mind can you please PM me or post the names of the private schools that have worked for you?
                I am also considering SAIL program recommendation for my daughter and would love to hear back from those of you who enrolled their children's in the program, how did it go in the long run? Did they improve behaviors to the point that the kiddos went to general classrooms? Also would love to hear back which SAIL school campus they sent their kids (I know its not advertised for privacy reasons, so please PM me.) thanks!!