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Elementary children's tutor needed

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  • Elementary children's tutor needed


    We adopted 3 girls last summer. We already had 3 boys at home, so our house is going through major changes. The girls need tutoring in math and reading comprehension. They are absolutely wonderful, well behaved, gentle kiddos with a troubled past. Thier self esteem is low because they can see they are behind compared to thier peers. I have a 2 yr old that makes it very difficult for me to sit down with the girls for longer than basic homework help.

    I need a tutor to come 2-3 hours a week to help strengthen thier skills and boost their confidence!!

    Library would be best but my home could work as well!

    I can pay $10 per hour and prefer a student teacher or certified teacher. I do not mean to insult anyone with that rate. I know there are many people who would expect higher pay, but I can not afford to pay anything higher.

    Please call if interested for an interview. Would love someone available on weeknights or weekends.

    Thank you
    Z Adigun