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Kitten & Conure bird bff needs a new home

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  • Kitten & Conure bird bff needs a new home

    I have a unique pair of friends - a conure (1 1/2 old) and a Manx kitten (5 months old) - I would like to re-home them together as they play with each other and it would be hard to separate them.
    My conure - she is full on personality- gets along so well with my 5yr old son that he can do anything but she won't be mean... but she is not a fan of my 3 yr old daughter. She will get along so well in a home with boys for sure. She fights with my Manx and they wrestle and she is like a mini boss - she is not locked in her cage and I give her all the freedom to do what she wants. She likes to be on top of her cage and participate in our family activities. She tries to talk and will - she makes noise if she is hungry or sing in her way she is locked in her cage during the day...she gets super upset if u leave her and go for a few hours - she will literally scold me - she loves her fresh fruits and veggies.

    My Manx- he is snuggle bug and gets so well with everyone. He is like a little child who wants his blanket at night and wants to sleep on the bed. Becoz he was with my kids, he has a weakeness for human food - banana, apple, chicken, fish, mango - he loves car rides and picnics - we take him out and he will climb the tree and watch the birds while kids play - he is not a regular house kitten. He is in the car daily to pick and drop my kids from school. Getting into the conure's cage and tainting her or wrestling with her is one of his fav things to do.

    I would like to have them both adopted together and if a family in frisco, even better as they will be close by. The only reason I want them adopted is two of my family members started having alergy and it's concluded due to our Manx.
    They will get along and adjust to any family with kids over the age of 5 for sure. Do your research on the breed coz they do have unique personality and I will not have them adopted to anyone without understanding your background. My Manx have all his shots and comes with his paperwork - his vet is in frisco. My conure never really had to go to a vet and usually they do not. They will come with their food and toys- I am not sure how my conure will do with other pets as she only knows my Charger (Manx) if intro a puppy or a kitten later in her life she will do okay but another adult dog or kitten won't be suitable for her life. Adopting them both is 300 and if you want her cage, just let me know ybo for it. I am willing to negotiate the adoption fee if they go to the right family. And if they don't work well for your family I don't want you trying to separate them, I will be happy to take them back. I am hoping to find someone in frisco so atleast I can petsit them when needed

    Thank You,

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    No I can't take them but LOVED the pictures!!


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      Please feel free to share - I just want to find a good home that will keep them together.
      Thank You