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Religious People Found to Be More Generous in Donating to Help Others

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  • Religious People Found to Be More Generous in Donating to Help Others

    I wonder why that is.

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    Originally posted by ThisCharmingMan View Post
    Yea.. About that..

    f you look at the results, you see that the difference in charitable giving between believers and non-believers is not that big. The headline results state:

    "Three quarters of people in living in England who practise a religion (77%) have given to charity in the past month. This compares to only two thirds of English people who do not practise a religion (67%)."
    What the poll does not tell us is what the religious people donated their money to.

    This is important because a similar poll in America ran with the headline that the Southern States of the USA (the ones shown to be most religious) gave significantly more to charity than the Northern States (least religious). But when you took out the donations given directly to churches rather than to humanitarian charities, the figures reversed. The Southern States were donating vast amounts to their churches, most of which was spent directly on church activities such as building maintenance, salaries and proselytising. The Northern States were donating to real charity that directly helped people in need.
    .. far more interesting finding from the survey (a finding which, for some reason, the BBC chose not to highlight).

    When asked the question: "Do you practise a religion? By practising we mean that you pray, read a holy book weekly or attend religious services of gatherings at least once a week."

    Only 23% said they did, but a massive 73% said that they didn't.


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      Mugzy, you're the fat girl to his viagra. It's emotional. How you feel. It "feels" like religious people are more charitable, so they are. Leave it at that.

      ** as a side note, that phrase clearly doesn't work if he's into big'uns...
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        I think someone may be either charitable or not. Religion is another issue. But if someone has a real faith in his soul, that usually means that person is more likely to be charitable as well