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    Would any of that have to do with farm systems? I recognize that MLB teams don't own the minor league teams affiliated with them, but are there costs in there I am unaware of? Hard to believe there is a group more successful and greedier than NFL owners.
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      Originally posted by ThisCharmingMan View Post
      Would any of that have to do with farm systems?
      If so, not much. I don't remember if the 38% stat I saw included minor league salaries, but if it didn't then adding them in doesn't move the needle much at all. For a team fielding a minor league affiliate at all 6 levels, minimum salaries at each level work out to about $1.3M/yr. Initial salaries range from $1150/mo for short-season leagues to $2150/mo for AAA (but only for the months the season is actually being played). Players get more if they have more years at higher levels, more if they're on the 40-man roster, and more if they have any major league service time. Marginal major league free agents tend to negotiate contracts saying they get paid usually along the lines of mid 6 figures if they're sent to the minors. But even with all these bonuses, I don't think it's enough to move minor league payrolls from $1.3M to any more than say $5M/yr. IOW, the Rangers could pay their entire minor league system for what they paid for Mitch Moreland last year. That's couch money to MLB owners.
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