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Cowboys 9-1 - Let your post season freak fly

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  • Cowboys 9-1 - Let your post season freak fly

    I'm not sure if marijuana has been legalized in Texas, because I see folks walking around STONED on Jerry Juice. It's a stupor of a walk with mutterings of Dak, Zak, Dez.

    Ok Cowboy fan, you can now start creating overblown post-season expectations.

    You have my permission - like you were waiting.

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    Dallas vs Seattle NFC Championship game.
    Detroit & the Giants are the only other teams worth mentioning.
    Giants have won like 6 straight, but might lose at Pittsburgh today.
    Detroits defense is fantastic somehow, as pointed out this morning by Kurt Warner, and then proven this afternoon shutting down Drew Breesus in New Orleans.
    They kept Breesus from throwing any touchdowns for the first game since 2009, at home.

    In the AFC, with Gronk out, everyone has a chance.
    Kansas City is boring, but they definitely can beat New England.
    But Oakland, Denver, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, all have a chance.

    Injuries will factor as always......
    AsianLivesMatter + #LatinoLivesMatter + #WhiteLivesMatter + #IndianLivesMatter + #BlackLivesMatter = #AllLivesMatter


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      Cowboys v. Seahawks should give Cowboys fan's pause. Seahawks look fantastic tonight.