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Frisco Fire Fighters Hit the Streets

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  • Frisco Fire Fighters Hit the Streets

    Yes, it's that time of year again. We will be out collecting money for MDA (Fill the Boot) this Thursday, Friday and Saturday on the streets of Frisco.

    Every Penny counts, so don't hesitate dumping that change in your ash trays. If you don't want to give no problem, just please be patient if the vehicle in front of you does. We will get to them as quickly as we can and get you on your way.

    We will be at the intersections of Preston and Warren and Teel and Main, as well as the parking lots of Starbucks at Preston/Warren (mornings only) and Wal Mart on Preston and Preston Ridge Shopping Center in front of Old Navy.

    100% of the money raised goes directly to MDA to help all those affected with the numerous diseases. Thanks Frisco for always helping us help those in need!

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      I love that you do this and I LOVE that you put really cute firefighters out to collect!
      What? Guys have Hooters and Twin Peaks and 3rd base, we women need some eyecandy too!!!


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        God Bless Fill The Boot Season...

        HAWT Fireman... prancing up and down the street... up and down...down and up..sigh...

        How about you boys do a little wet fire fighter car wash to raise money too...


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          Yup, Frisco streets are looking good! I made sure I threw my spare change in a boot!


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            The ones at Preston and Warren were definitely some serious eye candy...Gave them extra for filling out those tshirts quite nicely. DD and I were wishing they'd take them off. Whew! Nice looking fellas.
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