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Referral for dry cleaners for wedding dress

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  • Referral for dry cleaners for wedding dress

    Our daughter married two weeks ago and some time during the reception her bustle came until and someone stepped on her train and tore a whole in the fabric. Then the next morning she threw her gown in the trunk of the car and you guessed it, shut her gown in the trunk latch. Fortunately the fabric is not torn, but it does have a glob of grease on it on the very edge of the train. ; (

    Does someone know a REALLY GOOD dry cleaners that can also repair the tear. I'm not interested in heirlooming the gown (at this time), but will travel into the city IF they are really good. Or maybe you can suggest another way to find a cleaners.

    Although its the most expensive garment I have ever purchased, I'm glad we didn't spend thousands on a dress. Makes me wonder why people would even consider doing that. I would be a whole lot unhappier if we had.

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    We had them do our daughters gown and did a very good job. He picks and and drops off.
    They offer restoration services.. I'm guessing this would include tears.

    Bill & Mary I believe are the owners.


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      Bibbentuckers is the best!