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I survived Silverleaf Resorts Presentation

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  • I survived Silverleaf Resorts Presentation

    90 minutes in Irving was over 2 hours. Did not spend a dime. Gave very little personal info outside of name, address, phone, email. All stuff they could mine off the internet.

    Walked out with $80 in Americian Express Cards (spent day I got them) and $50 in gift cards to Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. (whatever parent company owns them and a few others).

    3 Day, 2 Night Great Wolf Lodge. Catch being Mon-Thurs.
    4 Dallas Stars Tickets. Restricted to about 1 game a month to pick to see.

    5 Day, 4 night Vacation to Aruba, Oahu, Maui, Jamaica or San Juan. Does not include flight and tons of restrictions.

    So, was 2 hours worth the $130 I got for 2 hours? I suppose for a Saturday, and got to see Irving. Overall, the Silverleaf concept though is a COMPLETE rip-off. And getting out of there at the end had me go through a four person gauntlet of sales pitches.
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    Where do you sign up?
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      I have an appt with Direct Buy on Thurs and it sounds a lot like that...although a friend of mine built her home and said she saved a ton of money of we will see?
      Anyone been to the direct buy sales pitch?


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        Originally posted by calimom View Post
        I have an appt with Direct Buy on Thurs and it sounds a lot like that...although a friend of mine built her home and said she saved a ton of money of we will see?
        Anyone been to the direct buy sales pitch?
        I worked for Direct Buy for a few years (about 11 years ago) & have saved tons & tons & tons of money. The savings is real. The merchandise is no different from what you get in the store, except you have a wider selection instead of just what a buyer chooses for that store to carry.

        I don't know what the membership is these days, but it is MORE than worth it. I had one client actually build a custom home in San Antonio & saved about $40K getting materials through Direct Buy & that tally didn't include blinds & furniture...I transferred to Austin before they got all that done.

        Only you can decide if it is right for you & your family, but it is certainly worth an hour or two of your time.
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          We got suckered into signing up for Silver Leaf thru a kiosk in the Stonebriar mall.

          We sat thru their spill a couple of months ago. We sat there for 4 hours listening to them yack away, and didnt spend a penny. (It was very tempting, dont get me wrong) We got the same gift cards, yada yada... plus we got a cruise to Cozumel. There were so many restrictions that booking the cruise was very difficult. I finally got it booked, and spend $400 on a "free" cruise. The "free" cruise only includes bunk beds! I was like NO WAY am I crawling into a bunk bed! So we paid $75 a person for a king size bed, plus port taxes and fees. All in all, it was like one of us got to go for free comparing it to the price for one person to go on a cruise. Still not a bad deal, and we leave in 30 DAYS for Cozumel. They limited us to the cold weather options, but we are goign to make the best of it.

          I am just not too sure the silverleaf was worth it...


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            Imagine how much better you would have felt about yourself if you volunteered that 4 hours to a charity.

            People do not value their time on this planet enough.

            Of course I am on FOL so go figure.


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              We did it once and what I learned was that it is never, ever worth it. We gave up on the "free" trip because getting past all the restrictions was a total hassle.
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                For those that have not sat through Silverleaf, here is how it works. . .

                I thought it would be a presentation. . .it's not.

                1 on 1 with a rep in a large room with other small tables with people talking to a rep. Very loud, and maybe 50-75 people in room when I went. Starts off with casual conversation and a review of your vacation habits and estimates of how much you have spent in the past. They have sheets with side by side comparisons showing pros and cons of different vacation options. . .hotel, camping, time-share, vacation home, etc. Then they start to explain what they offer. 13 resorts that you purchase a deed on.

                The deed is a deed to 1 week vacation per year to one of these resorts. Your week can be anytime and float and change at your descretion within different periods. For example, if you buy peak season, that is more expensive deed than off-season. They were selling on special the middle season. Price was around $15K that they finance over 3 years. Oh, and you pay a $64/mo maintenance/services fee on top of that. One of the other benefits is that you can trade your week to stay at any RCI resort for like $164 or something like that. You get 365 use of facilities at a Silverleaf resort, but you would have to camp there outside of your 1 week. They spend a whole bunch of time showing you how this is a great investment and how much you will save on vacations in the long run. Oh, and of course it is one of those today only deals. So, once you tell them no, then round two begins.

                Manager has two properties that just came off lease. . .one has special incentive (forgot what it was). They are about 2-7K cheaper than the $15K special they had. BTW, the peak season were not on special and they ran around $25K. Say no again, you get round 3.

                Round 3 is their sampler. I think for around $800 you can sample the resorts and stay a few days, etc.

                With anything you picked, you had to pay a portion that day, and they would finance of course. During the course of the whole presentation, there would be interruptions while they announced their newest vacation owner and where they would be going on their first vacation. Most appeared to be taking the RCI vacation for $164 (remember they still pay $64/mo and paying on a $10-25K vacation week, but they lose that week for that year).
                I like maxims that don't encourage behavior modification.


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                  We sat through a Shell Vacations timeshare when we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversay in Kauai. What was funny is we stayed in their property which was a 1 bedroom condo at the Kauai Coast Resort at the Beachboy for $78 a night. They spent 4 hours trying to convince us to buy into their time share - all the while, we had already done the math and figured out we stayed for a week at their resort and paid less as a non owner than that week would have cost us had we bought in. Needless to say, we declined.