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FREE - King size pedestal waterbed with mirrored canopy and lighted headboard.

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  • FREE - King size pedestal waterbed with mirrored canopy and lighted headboard.

    Purchasing new bed and frame, so willing to give away old furniture to anyone willing to pickup. Lots of under pedestal storage - 4 drawers and 3 doored compartments. Headboard has several wooden shelves and two glass doors with lighted glass shelving. Canopy has 9 mirrored panels. Footboard has a number of scratches that can be refinished or covered with a blanket. Includes 90% waveless bladder and heater - very comfortable sleeping. Solid construction.

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    You have probably already selected the replacement unit but here's what we did with a California King waterbed. The liner, heater and water bladder were discarded. We purchased a 15" thick quality mattress and dropped it into place. Purchased new mattress cover, sheets and pillow cases. No need for box springs. We added an electric blanket over the top. The resulting bed is VERY tall and yours probably would be as well due to the height of the pedestal.
    Regarding disposal, put it on Freecycle or Craigslist. We had a super single that I gave to some grandparents who knew what it was for their young grandson. Here's the deal on old-style waterbeds. No one sells them and if they did you could get them for about $50 tops. I know that mine is 'not in style' and if I wanted to dump it, out would come the circular saw. It's NOT fine wood, typically.


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      Thanks for the feedback. Circular saw has crossed my mind a couple times, but thought I'd give someone a shot at some free furniture. It may not happen, though.


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        I have been down this road SEVERAL times. Most memorable was an "entertainment center" that fit the old non-flatscreen TV. Made out of MDF which made it even heavier. I looked on Craigslist to find that there was a flood of them available for cheap and you could still buy new ones as well. Some of which would cover two walls and were 16-20 feet wide. Took me a while to carve it up with a sawzall and a circular saw.
        There is a problem with offering it "for free" - potential buyers (if any) translate FREE to broken, poor condition, missing pieces, horrid color or any other undesirable attribute. NEXT time, you need to ask $100 for it which translates to old-but-serviceable. You do NOT say that it is being displaced by a new purchase (giving the idea that you-just-want-it-gone even though that's the truth). Your description is King-sized waterbed, period. All the additional details (who puts mirror tiles over their bed these days?) paints a larger-than-life, must have a special room to hold it, quality.
        I recommend purchasing a couple of new circular saw blades, about $10 each. This item will not fit into a pickup truck, a 6x12 utility trailer rental is about right. No pieces bigger than 36", separate the wood from any metal parts. Dispose of it at the transfer station. You can have it gone in a day.


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          Here's the link for a utility trailer:
          It's about $30 per day.
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            This item is no longer available. It has found a new home to serve.