Ever Dream of Flying? Indoor Skydiving is Coming to Frisco, TX

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(Austin, TX) July 2, 2013 — Frisco is set to land an iFLY indoor skydiving facility, scheduled for opening in late 2013, at the Stonebriar Centre Mall. The facility will be known as iFLY Dallas and will be the 27th indoor skydiving facility built by the Austin-based company. This facility will boast a 14′-diameter vertical wind tunnel featuring an all glass flight chamber capable of speeds of up to 175 mph.

“We are excited iFLY selected Frisco to build its next location and look forward to the project being a success in our city and a draw to North Texas in general,” said Jim Gandy, President of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation. “We anticipate thrill-seekers who live near and far will add this as a ‘must-do’ activity.” 

Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

The experience of iFLY indoor skydiving mimics the thrilling experience of free fall skydiving, but without the parachute or the risk. To date, over five million customers worldwide have flown in the company’s wind tunnels.

Customers fly accompanied by a certified instructor and fly at their own level of comfort, from a few feet off the ground, to more aerial gymnastics maneuvers at greater heights based on level of experience.

Beginners receive training as part of their flying experience and all customers get the use of all necessary flight equipment.
Safe and fun for children as young as three
iFLY Dallas will cater primarily to entertainment customers out for a day of fun with family or friends, corporate customers looking for a unique team outing, and competitive indoor skydiving athletes.
“As Frisco continues to grow, it becomes more and more of a destination city,” said Marla Roe, Executive Director of the Frisco Convention and Visitors Bureau. “iFLY is the kind of unique attraction that will complement the varied sports, shopping and dining experiences Frisco already offers.”

iFLY Dallas will also offer unique science field trips for students from the elementary age all the way up to college level that will include flying time for each participant and a physics lecture and about the math, science and engineering behind vertical wind tunnels.

 The skydiving experience is so realistic, that iFLY also expects professional skydivers and members of the military to come for training, as they do at iFLY’s 26 other locations around the world.

All the equipment for the facility was designed and built by iFLY Holdings, the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturer of vertical wind tunnels. The iFLY Dallas tunnel will feature iFLY’s patented wall-to-wall airflow, completely eliminating the risk of “falling off” the air column. It will also be outfitted with a hyper-efficient, patented air-conditioning system that works flawlessly in some of the most demanding environments in the world. The tunnel will also have an automated, state-of-the-art HD photo and video recording system, letting customers take their flight experience home and share online with their friends.

iFLY Dallas joins iFLY Austin as the only indoor skydiving facilities in Texas.  



About iFLY Austin-based iFLY Holdings is the world leader in the manufacture and sale of wind tunnel systems for recreational indoor skydiving, competitive skydiver training and military training. Under the brand names iFLY, SkyVenture, Airkix, Paraclete and Freezone, the company has 26 facilities operating around the globe, with expansion plans rolling out over the next few years.


By FOL Editor