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(April 27, 201712:05 a.m.) Frisco firefighters and paramedics are evacuating patients from Baylor Scott & White – Centennial Hospital, 12505 Lebanon Road, following a major water leak Wednesday evening.  Hospital officials advise Frisco Fire they plan to relocate all of its 78 patients to other area hospitals. The hospital’s E.R. is not accepting ambulance traffic. Frisco firefighters are onsite to assist with any emergency ‘walk ups/drive ups’.

“We’re transporting the critical patients first,” said Assistant Chief Lee Glover.  “The hospital has enacted its emergency plan and, as a result, is advising where to relocate patients.”

Hospital personnel alerted Frisco dispatch to the water leak at approximately 7:50 p.m.  Firefighters arrived at approximately 7:55 p.m.  Upon arrival, firefighters found water leaking from the third floor of the building to the floors below (second and first).  Frisco firefighters shut the water “OFF” to the four-story building.

Following the leak, the hospital experienced electrical problems resulting in intermittent power loss throughout the hospital.  The hospital is without its intercom and internet systems.

Frisco firefighters determined the hospital’s ‘back up’ generator was unsafe under the circumstance and the decision was made to evacuate.

“The hospital was having power issues due to the water,” said Chief Glover.  “Operating a generator under these flooded conditions is a fire / electrical hazard.”

The Frisco Fire Department has three ambulances on the scene.  The North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council’s (RAC)  ‘AMBUS’, which is stationed out of Frisco Fire Station #7, is also onsite.  Another ‘AMBUS’ is on its way from Flower Mound.

The RAC is deploying a ‘strike team’, which includes ambulances from throughout North Texas.

Hospital officials report the cause of the water leak has been located and the pipe is being repaired.

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