Reconstruction Of Main Street, Water Line And Storm Drainage Improvements To Get Underway; Coincides With ‘Burying’ Of Electric Transmission Line

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(September 5, 2017) Frisco’s fast growing population is driving efforts to widen a section of Main Street from four to six lanes while improving storm drainage and a water line.   The project spans approximately three miles from F.M. 423 to Dallas Parkway.  The City of Frisco project will coincide with the Brazos Electric project involving burying an electrical transmission line under Main Street from F.M. 423 to Legacy Drive.

On Tuesday, September 5, the Frisco City Council approved the $26.6 million dollar capital project.

“This project accelerates our ongoing efforts to get Frisco moving again,” said Mayor Jeff Cheney.  “Both the City of Frisco and Brazos save time and money by pairing these construction projects together.  We recognize, the construction zone may cause frustration; however, we know the reconstruction of Main Street is vital to easing traffic congestion, promoting drivers’ safety and managing our city’s future growth.”

Before construction can begin, trees in the median must be removed.  This month, Parks and Recreation crews will start relocating trees to Frisco parks, primarily Frisco Commons and Harold Bacchus Community Parks.

“We’re going to do everything we can to preserve as many out here as we can,” said Brian Moen, Assistant Director of Engineering Services/Transportation.   “Once the road work is complete, we’ll put in new landscaping, which includes planting more trees.”

Once trees are relocated, engineers say drivers can expect to see crews digging a trench in the median to make way for the electric and water lines.  Once those lines are buried, curbs will be removed so roadway improvements can begin.  At that time, drivers should expect daily lane closures during non-peak hours, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

“Starting in October, there’s going to be a lane closure in one direction or another, during non-peak hours, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.” said Jason Brodigan, Assistant Director of Engineering Services.  “The contractor needs space to work in the median.  For efficiency and crew safety, we need to implement lane closures.”

Engineers advise drivers to slow down, plan ahead and use caution, adding traffic patterns may change for about 18 months while actual construction is underway.

Main Street will be reconstructed in three segments:

  • F.M. 423 to Teel Parkway
  • Teel Parkway to Legacy Drive
  • Legacy Drive to Dallas Parkway

Street lighting will be impacted, too, during the construction project.  While engineers will work to restore lighting when possible, Brodigan notes it will be very challenging.

“With everything so close to where we have to dig, it’s going to be difficult to maintain that lighting the entire time the project is under construction.”

New street lights, landscaping and a signal at Majestic Garden will be installed.  Existing signals will also be improved. City engineers say the Main Street project will improve water distribution while increasing roadway safety and capacity.

“This project will give us the ability to accommodate Frisco’s future growth,” said Moen. “It’s going to take everyone’s cooperation and understanding to get through this project safely and successfully.”

Construction is expected to be finished in Spring 2019.

Roadway / Storm Drainage:            $14.9 million
Brazos Underground Duct Bank:     $ 4.7 million
Water Line:                                       $ 4.5 million
Street Lighting:                                 $ 900,000
Traffic Signals:                                  $ 830,000
Landscape / Irrigation:                      $ 750,000

Total:                                                $ 26.6 million

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