Tips from a Pageant Queen for First-Time Moms

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Saying that Centennial Medical Center’s maternity wing is fit for a queen is not too far from the truth. Just ask pageant queen Mrs. Texas United States 2011 and Mrs. Texas 2009, Melissa Pocza and Frisco resident. Centennial is known for its award-winning maternity wing that offers comfortable and spacious bathing rooms, an anesthesiologist on duty 24/7 and even a celebratory dinner for you and your significant other prior to your discharge. Pocza, who recently delivered her second baby at Centennial, knows a thing or two about being glamorous, but she also knows about being a mom. She spoke with us about her experience and shared tips for staying healthy and fabulous when preparing for a new baby.

Q: How did participating in pageants help prepare you for motherhood?

Participating in pageants has helped me prepare for motherhood because it was a huge step in knowing exactly who I am. It brought out qualities I had in me that wouldn’t have arose or become as strong, such as my confidence, self-awareness, health awareness and time management!

Q: How did you stay healthy during pregnancy?

As challenging as it may be sometimes, getting the proper amount of rest and eating small meals throughout the day has worked for me. Not only does this keep your energy level going but also will help you avoid settling for unhealthy habits and choices.

Q: What did you learn from your first pregnancy that helped you with your second?

To not overreact! With my first son I was always so anxious and scared of the unknown that I tended to overreact with concern on everything. Also, to not take everyone’s advice. This made me only worry more. Everyone’s experience and every child and every mother are different.

Q: How and/or why did you choose Centennial two times in a row?

I chose Centennial for my first son primarily because it is where my trusted obstetrician was affiliated, but after my first experience with Centennial, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Q: What do you love most about Centennial Medical Center?

The staff! There wasn’t one staff member from the time of registration, to pre-birth classes, all the way through a post visit that didn’t make it easy, stress-free and warm. These nurses to me, weren’t clocking in and out of a job, but truly wanted to be there to help with anything they could.

Q: How did the Centennial maternity wing make your pregnancy more comfortable/easy?

The staff at Centennial not only went above and beyond to make me feel warm and comfortable but also my husband and extended family! The private rooms and quaint atmosphere also were added factors that put me at ease and allowed me to rest when I could.


Q: How do you stay comfortable and fashionable during pregnancy?

The Belly Band! The Belly Band is the BEST invention for those early months in pregnancy and even for post baby! It allows you to save money by staying in your own clothes for a longer period of time, which in turn makes you feel better about your body transitioning because you’re still able to fit in fashion trends!

Q: What was your “must-have” food during your first pregnancy and what is it this time?

My first pregnancy, it was Blue Bell Ice Cream, but this time around, I find myself drinking an unjustifiable amount of Horizons Organic Chocolate Milk! Whether it’s 2 a.m. and I can’t sleep or I’m drinking it with Chinese takeout, I can’t get enough!

Q: What advice do you have for new moms on how to stay glamorous after childbirth?

As hard as it may seem sometimes, set aside some “MOMMY” TIME! You can’t make anyone happy unless you are, so set some time aside for just YOU!

Q: What advice do you have for new moms after a new baby has arrived? (i.e. sleeping, staying organized, exercising, etc.)

A lesson I learned the hard way was to come to the realization that “It takes a pack to raise a wolf!” That you can’t do everything!  You not only are adjusting to life with a new baby, but soon after you get settled you still have to be a wife, mom, coworker and all the other roles/hats you wear as a modern mom.  LET PEOPLE HELP YOU! They want to. Whether it’s your neighbors cooking you meals, your mom wanting to come and help the baby get settled, or someone offering to run an errand for you! LET THEM!

Q: Any other “pregnancy words of wisdom” to share with us?

Be patient, present and take in every moment!  It’s just crazy to see how fast life can change when you have children. Stop, breathe and enjoy your children and family.


By FOL Editor