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FRISCO, TEXAS (May 2, 2017) —Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Farshid Khoshgam has used the Makerspace at Frisco Public Library to transform many ideas into reality. Between the 3D printers and the CNC Milling Machine, or Carvey, he has created improvements for his investment properties, visual aids for use in teaching, and some really nifty gifts. If, like Farshid, you are or want to be part of the maker revolution, Frisco Library is the place to be.

Farshid is a retired engineer who, along with his wife Diane, spends a lot of time at the Library. The two of them enjoy the atmosphere and manage their investment properties from a table on the first floor. Farshid also trains employees of his former employer at the Library once a month. One day he noticed the 3D printer. He was immediately intrigued and has been a fan of every addition to the Makerspace since.

“It’s been great to watch,” says Adam Lamprecht, senior librarian. “Farshid has embraced each new maker technology as we’ve introduced it. Library staff have enjoyed watching and guiding him as his abilities and creativity expand exponentially.”

“When I see a problem, I want to solve it,” Farshid explains, “and having these maker tools available and so cost effective makes that a lot easier.”

His interest in the Makerspace has served Farshid in many aspects of his life. “It started as a hobby, then I realized it would be easier for the people I train if they could hold in their hands the pieces they are learning about. It makes the teaching and learning process a lot easier.” And so, Farshid quickly advanced from making keychains for his family, to making cylinders and valves to use as visual aids when training. When he wanted to create a new gadget for a rental home and to replace a worn out address number on the front of a home, he turned to the 3D printer and Carvey. One of his coolest projects to date is a 3D “Beating Heart” model that actually beats, which he gave to Diane for Christmas.

The Library continues to add new technology with ever-increasing abilities to its Makerspace. It started in 2014 with 3D printing and was followed by Carvey, the 3D scanner, the CNC Wire Bender, and high end software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autodesk Inventor. The latest addition may be the most exciting yet: a large 90 watt laser cutter.

The Makerspace offers ease of access, both physically and financially, to technology enthusiasts, tinkerers, DIY warriors, and professionals developing a powerful set of job skills.

“The Library’s Makerspace has something for everyone,’” says Adam. “Since we offer training and staff assistance but do not require lengthy pre-certification courses, the technology and incentive to invent is there for everyone from beginners to experts.”

An exciting benefit of the laser cutter is the speed at which jobs are created, usually completed within minutes. This lets customers see the transformation from concept to reality before their eyes. When asked about future maker projects, Farshid pauses, smiles, then says, “The creative juices will flow.”

Learn more about the Library’s Makerspace technology and classes at Watch Farshid’s video about developing the Beating Heart at


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