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Winner of Frisco Library Boot Camp Presents to EDC Board

FRISCO, TEXAS (August 23, 2017) — Sid, a seventh grader, had a really cool idea for an app. It would be called SafeNow and would function as a beacon to help parents know where their kids are at all times. Thanks to the Business Boot Camp for Teens cosponsored by the Frisco Economic Development Corp (Frisco EDC) and Frisco Public Library (FPL) this summer, Sid is ready to go into business.

The Business Boot Camp for Teens was held during two separate sessions this summer. Revenia Lock, MBA, instructed the students on the variety of different businesses and how to develop a proposal. Each teen then developed a commercial, website, and business plan which they presented to a panel of judges at the end of the camp. The judges, an array of accomplished professionals, provided feedback and selected the overall winner. That winner was Sid, who completed the boot camp with the highest rating of 29 participants.

“My experience at the Business Boot Camp was outstanding,” says Sid. “It completely changed my perspective of business, and it has given me the capabilities to implement my ideas in the future.”

Sid recently presented his business concept to the Frisco EDC Board in front of an audience filled with many of Frisco’s business and community leaders. His presentation was enthusiastically appreciated by all.

“The Frisco EDC was honored to partner with our colleagues at Frisco Public Library on such an important project,” says Dave Quinn, Frisco EDC Vice President. “This collaboration provided a critical component in our strategic efforts to encourage local innovation and entrepreneurship at a foundational level. Providing our youth with entrepreneurial opportunities puts Frisco ahead of the innovation curve and helps build a robust workforce needed for the companies locating in our city.”

This partnership was natural fit, bringing together two organizations dedicated to the people and the future of Frisco. The joint effort resulted in sparking the spirit of entrepreneurship in the local teen population.

“We appreciate the support of the Frisco Economic Development Corporation. Their partnership with our Business Boot Camp creates a unique synergy for the benefit of Frisco’s teens,” says Shelley Holley, Library Director. “The experience and skills Sid, and the other 28 participants, gained will prepare them for exciting opportunities in the future. Workshops and classes like these are at the very heart of Frisco Public Library’s mission to inspire intellect, curiosity, and imagination.”

Frisco is known for setting and achieving goals at the highest levels. Thanks to experiences like the Business Boot Camp for Teens, Frisco youth are better equiped than ever to realize their dreams and make their mark on the future, contributing to a legacy of excellence.

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