A Hummingbird Oasis

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Hummingbirds, specifically the ruby-throated variety, are a pleasure to watch in North Texas gardens.  But if you want them to visit your garden, you need to plant the right type of native and adaptive plants to attract their attention.

Hummingbirds begin to arrive in our region in late March from their spring migration and will stay around until the fall when they leave for Mexico.

Tubular flowers, such as coral honeysuckle, many types of salviasTurk’s cap, and flame acanthus are ideally adapted to a hummingbird’s long, slender bill, and will also bring cheerful native color to your garden. Other helpful native plants include red yuccared columbine, and Texas betony.

Plant natives in several different locations around your yard.  Hummingbirds feed by sight, and once they discover nectar-rich plants in your landscape, they will develop a route and return to feed day after day in the same general order – making bird-watching even more enjoyable.

Not only will planting native and adaptive plants help attract hummingbirds to your yard, but you’ll be helping to conserve water at the same time!  So come on Frisco, let’s make our city an attractive haven for hummingbirds, and stay waterwise!

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