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One of the benefits of living in Texas is that we get to experience a wide variety of migratory wildlife, including butterflies! But did you know that some plants are better than others when it comes to attracting those butterflies to your yard?  These native plants have the added benefit of being low maintenance and using little water.

Plants such as the Blackfoot DaisyZexmeniaGregg’s Mistflower, and Texas Lantanabloom spring through fall and provide beautiful color for your garden.  If you’re looking for something to add color a little later in the season, you might consider the Purple Coneflower, or the Hardy Blue Aster.  Verbena will also attract butterflies and can be used as ground cover, but also does well in pots.

If you want to attract royalty, however, you must plant Milkweed.  Contrary to its name, Milkweed is not a weed, and comes in many varieties so that you can have blooms in a wide array of colors.  Planting Milkweed is especially important as this species of flower is quickly disappearing and it is the only plant that Monarch Butterfly larvae will feed from.  Without Milkweed, the Monarch is endanger of becoming extinct.

Want to learn more about helping the Monarch Butterfly?  Plan to attend our Brown Bag Workshop on Friday, September 8, 2017, from Noon to 1 p.m. in the McCallum Room on the Fourth Floor of Frisco City Hall.

So stay waterwise Frisco, plant native & adaptive plants, and you just might get the added bonus of a few colorful visitors in your yard.  Royalty might even stop by for a visit.

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