Afraid of the Dark?

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For many people, the thought of running their sprinklers in the evening sends chills down their spines and causes them to break out in a cold sweat.  The cause of this reaction?  The fear of fungus!

Fungus is caused by extended periods of damp conditions.  Watering in the morning can prevent fungal growth as it gives the sun a chance to dry excess water from your lawn, thereby robbing from fungus the chance to grow.

But the key word in that sentence is excess.  So if the sun needs to dry excess water, you are overwatering.  Why spend extra water and money on your lawn, when your lawn won’t even benefit from it?

Take the time to get to know your lawn.  Use the cycle and soak method of watering to water less, but more effectively.  This will help to ensure that the water you spend, actually goes to the roots of your lawn where you need it, rather than into the atmosphere.

If you water wisely, your efforts will be more effective.  And it won’t matter what time of day or night you water; fungus shouldn’t grow.  So take heart Frisco and remember, you don’t need to be afraid of watering in the dark.

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