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Wrapping up our series for National Water Quality Month, we’d like to discuss stormwater retention zones which are invaluable for urban areas that are covered with impervious surfaces such as roads, parking lots, and buildings.

When rainfall cannot infiltrate the soil, it becomes runoff and heads for storm drains, creeks, and streams. The larger the city, the more runoff it experiences. This can lead to flooding, erosion, stream channel alteration, and pollution. Retention zones help to give that stormwater a place to go before hitting local waterways, and they help to filter the water leading to higher water quality.  Stormwater retention zones can be incorporated into any landscape with rain gardens and bioswales.

Examples of bioswales abound in Frisco.  These areas incorporate plants from the native Blackland Prairie landscape. One of the benefits using these plants is that they will send their roots deep into the soil and do a better job of filtering out contaminates than non-native plants.

Thank you Frisco, for using native and adaptive plants in your landscaping!  Your efforts not only create a beautiful waterwise landscape, but also help to promote a higher level of water quality for the City and the State of Texas!

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