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During the holiday season, Texas kitchens are busy places.

All of the delicious family festivities often result in a large amount of leftover fats, oils, and grease. This waste, commonly referred to as FOG, may be liquid and easy to pour while it is hot, but as these substances cool, they harden and solidify along the inside of plumbing pipes. Over time, these materials can clog sewer pipes and eventually cause them to back up – potentially into your home!

To prevent an unfortunate back up (otherwise known as a sanitary sewer overflow), don’t put leftover FOG material down drains. Instead, collect liquid grease in a re-sealable container. Once the container becomes full, take the container to Frisco’s Environmental Services Collection Center to be dropped off for disposal.

Another option for leftover grease collected during the holiday season is to drop it off at one of the many Cease the Grease recycling locations – no matter where you are in the DFW metroplex. In addition to protecting North Texas pipes from clogging and costly sewer overflows, used FOG materials are converted into biodiesel as a part of the regional Cease the Grease program – an effort that results in a cleaner source of alternative fuel used to power school buses in nearby counties.

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