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Let’s face it Frisco, while our city’s logo may be red, we love green! What color do we want our grass to be? Green! What color do we want our trees to be? Green! But every once in a while, we should spice things up with other colors too! One easy way to introduce color without disrupting your lawn and shrubs is by adding a few container plants.

Container gardening offers great flexibility to add a splash of color in awkward or small spaces, but they can also make a statement in large scale. Whatever size area you’re looking to brighten up, make sure that the container you choose has proper drainage holes. Remember, while plants love water, too much will cause their roots to rot. Next, make sure that you use the right soil mix. Most potting soil won’t have many nutrients for your plants to soak up, so by adding in compost, you’ll be helping your plants to thrive. Finally, make sure that the plants you chose are the right plants! Container plants will use less water than those planted in the ground, but you may need to water more often. Using native and adaptive plants that can withstand high temperatures and dry conditions will further help increase the longevity of your container plants.

So remember Frisco, while we all love green, you can stay waterwise and add a splash of color to your landscape with beautiful container plants.

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