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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you may be contemplating spending a lovely evening out in the backyard around the fire pit with your special someone.  As you design your space to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, consider including permeable and pervious surfaces to better absorb rainwater and prevent runoff.


Each of these options function in a slightly different way once installed. Permeable paver material, such as decomposed granite, allows water to pass through the paver. Pervious pavers, (such as layers of concrete or fired clay brick) circumvent the water around the paver into joints between the pavers, allowing water to enter small landscaped spaces between the pavers.  However, using a layered system while installing either surface will create pockets that can turn into catch areas for stormwater during a heavy rainfall.  This will also help filter the water before it returns to the watershed.


And don’t forget that as Low-Impact Development has gained traction over the past few years, the pace of design has kept up as well.  This means that permeable and pervious pavers come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes.  As a result, you have a cozy back yard tailor-made to your personal aesthetic.  So on this Valentine’s Day, give your special someone a cozy, waterwise, outdoor space.

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