It’s so Easy

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It's so Easy

Smart Irrigation Month continues and this week our irrigators would like you to know that it is possible and easy to convert your traditional sprinkler lines to drip lines.

Traditional spray lines are only 70% efficient in ideal circumstances, whereas drip lines are 90% efficient in almost every circumstance.  Conversion to drip lines will save you money and water.

This is especially true in narrow areas and on slopes, where spray lines often overshoot the target area causing water waste.

Conversion can be a simple process for the homeowner to complete themselves if they use a conversion kit.  Supplies can be found at local irrigation supply stores.

Our irrigators would like our residents to know that if you do choose to convert a zone to drip lines, you must convert the entire zone as drip lines and traditional spray lines put out water at different rates.

Another item our irrigators would like residents to keep their eye on is pressure.  On any drip system a pressure reducing valve (PRV) will be needed in Frisco.  Drip lines are designed to work at low pressure, putting out gallons of water per hour instead of gallons of water per minute.  Frisco has high water pressure and operating drip lines without PRVs can result in blown couplings.

Here in Frisco, you can run your drip zones up to two hours a day, if necessary, saving you money and water by getting the water directly to the roots of your plants where it is most needed.

So make the switch Frisco, and water wisely!

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