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It is spring time here in Frisco! We’re starting to see trees, plants, and grasses wake up from their winter slumber and turn the world green. It’s amazing what natural rainfall can accomplish! But when the dog-days of summer hit, and you start to see your water bill creep up from irrigation, you’ll want another solution to make the moisture stay around and the green last longer so more green stays in your wallet. Mulching is a great solution to do just that!

Mulch is a material placed over soil to maintain moisture, improve soil conditions, help with weed control, and prevent soil erosion. Another benefit to mulching is that your soil is less likely to compact, which will help with root growth and development which is so important in our clay soil.

Generally, 2-4 inches is great for your plants and trees. Over-mulching can lead to big problems, however, as it may keep in too much water which can lead to root-rot in plants and trees, and “girdling” in trees specifically.

Here in Frisco, we recommend natural mulches that can include compost, wood chips, among other things native to the area. To determine which mulch best suits your needs, it is important to take plant and soil types into consideration so you may want to consult garden experts at your local nursery.

And keep in mind that here in Frisco, you contribute to compost production whenever you recycle your yard waste! The finished material is sold as Texas Pure and a limited supply is available to residents at the Environmental Collection Center (please call ahead for availability).

Stay waterwise Frisco and remember that to keep that moisture in the soil, green on your plants, and green in your wallet, mulch your plants and trees!

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