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One of the nice things about living in Frisco is the abundance of trees and all of the shade they provide.  Who doesn’t love finding a cool, shady spot to relax in and watch the world go by?  But the thing we love about trees is also the thing that drives us crazy: the shade!  Grass just won’t grow in it, and it is no fun sitting in or staring at a pile of dirt.  The big question is: what can we do to make the shade into the beautiful and relaxing space we want it to be?  Plant shade loving native and adaptive plants!

One of the first steps you’ll need to take is to determine just how shady your problem area really is, as this will determine what plants will thrive there.  Generally, a shady spot gets less than 5 hours of direct sunlight per day, but there are varying degrees of shade as well: Part Sun (2-3 hours without sun), Part Shade (4-5 hours without sun), Full Shade (no direct sun, but still bright), and Dense Shade (no direct sun, dark).

After you’ve determined just how shady your area
is, read the plant tags of the plants you wish to plant in order to match sunlight requirements.  And don’t forget the hardiness region, we’re in 8a.  Matching those areas will give you beautiful plants that will thrive in our region and in the shade.

You may also want to construct a small patio area to place a nice table and chairs.  In this case, pervious pavers would be a great choice.  They allow water to pass through to the soil beneath, and will provide a lovely foundation for building your shaded retreat.

So remember Frisco, plan for success by choosing water wise shade plants.  That way, when the dog days of summer hit, you’ll have it made in the shade.

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