Plants That Thrive, Rain or Shine

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Plants That Thrive, Rain or Shine

Here in Frisco, 65% of our water consumption is for residential use, and 65% of that is used for irrigation.  That’s a lot of paid-for water going to your landscape!  That’s why we here at WaterWise promote the use of native and adaptive plants for your yard.

Native and adaptive plants are plants that can survive on very little water and can withstand our weather extremes here in the Frisco area.  By using these types of plants in your landscape, you can water less, use fewer chemicals, and still have a beautiful yard!

To promote these plants and raise awareness of native and adaptive plants, WaterWise has partnered with Texas SmartScape™.  This program is crafted to be “smart” for North Central Texas. Based on water-efficient landscape principles, it promotes the use of plants suited to our region’s soil, climate, and precipitation that don’t require much – if any – additional irrigation, pesticides, fertilizer, or herbicides to thrive.

The Texas SmartScape website includes many tools and helpful information including:

  • Information on the ecological, economic, and aesthetic benefits of the program.
  • Information about landscape best management practices such as drip irrigation, mulching, and composting.
  • Online tools such as the landscape design tool that will help determine plant selection for different design layouts, as well as how to incorporate drainage considerations.
  • A searchable plant database that includes more than 350 perennials, groundcover, turf grass, shrubs, vines, and trees that will thrive in North Central Texas.


As we head into spring, let’s keep native and adaptive plants in mind to conserve water, save on your water bill, and still have a great looking yard.  Stay waterwise Frisco!

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