Reminder About Winter Sewer Averaging

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The infrastructure that brings water to and from your home is truly a feat of human engineering.

Water we use indoors (from the sinks, showers, toilets, or dishwashers) is carried away from our homes via our sewer system – a 686 mile network of underground pipeline designed to carry wastewater to one of two different wastewater treatment plants in Frisco. From there, it is cleaned, treated, and released or reused.

Similar to other cities in the region, Frisco’s sewer rates are based on average water consumption during the winter months. Billed water consumption from December to March is tabulated, the highest month’s usage is dropped, and the remaining three months are averaged.

Unlike your water service, the city does not meter your sewer service. Since sewer is not metered, the city uses the average water consumption at your home during the winter months – when outdoor watering needs are at their lowest. Your rate is calculated from these winter averages and will then apply for one calendar year.

This is another reason why it is so important not to over-seed your landscape with cool season grasses such as rye or fescue. Since the city does not distinguish between indoor and outdoor water usage for residential accounts, running sprinkler systems in wintertime to water cool season grasses not only wastes our water resources, but could potentially result in a higher sewer bill the following year!

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