Saving From A Rainy Day

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Here in Frisco, we enjoy having the finer things in life; nice places to eat and shop, green roads and neighborhoods, beautiful homes and landscaping, elegant living all around.  But we also like to be environmentally friendly and cost savvy.  One perfect solution to achieving all of these goals is to harvest rainwater for supplemental irrigation.

Rainwater is great for your lawns and plants.  With a natural pH around 6, rainwater is soft; this means it is actually better for your landscaping than Frisco’s naturally hard water.  It is also free of salts and other minerals, so it will help to clean the soil for your plants allowing for better root growth and drought tolerance.

Harvesting rainwater also helps reduce runoff to our creeks and streams.  Runoff from lawns and landscapes picks up fertilizers and pesticides which can be harmful to the environment.  Runoff is any water that cannot be absorbed into the ground as thus flows into storm drains which empty directly into creeks and streams.  If enough water enters those water systems at one time, erosion and flooding can occur causing problems for everyone.

Want to learn more about rainwater harvesting?  WaterWise is here to help!  Come to our Rainwater Harvesting workshop on Friday, April 21, 2017 and learn all about this great practice, just in time for the Ivy rain barrel distribution event on April 22, 2017.

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