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Smart Irrigation begins and ends with homeowner education.  There is no substitute for the well-informed homeowner.  The latest and greatest gadgets are tools to help a homeowner save money and water, and like all tools, you’ve got to know how to use them.

Here is an example of a common mistake that our irrigators see at almost every job: over-watering.  Take a look at the photo of the 900 gallon capacity pool.  Most homeowners water their landscape the equivalent of two pool-fulls of water every week.

Our irrigators find that most homeowners put a 10 minute run time on each zone.  An average sprinkler zone uses approximately 15 gallons per minute, with most spray zones using more.  If the homeowner has six zones, the total amount of water used in one full cycle is 900 gallons

The soil here in North Texas is mostly clay soil and the infiltration rate of water into that soil is about .10 inch per hour.  As a result, it’s not very long before water begins to run off the yard and onto hard surfaces.  To further complicate matters, each yard is different and has unique watering requirements depending on which nozzles are being used, what areas are being watered (beds, turf or trees), distribution uniformity, sunlight or shade, slope, microclimate considerations, and more.

As you begin the process of getting to know your lawn, start with a free sprinkler system checkup and have one of Frisco’s own licensed irrigators come out and examine and explain your yard’s unique areas to you.  Call 972-292-5800 to schedule today, and stay tuned Frisco, as we present more information in July, to help you water smarter.

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