Be Smarter About Water In 2017!

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As we move into a new year, let us remember what makes us great here in Frisco, and encourage old and new residents alike to be WaterWise in 2017!

Water is a precious resource here in Texas.  We cycle in and out of drought, and learning how to better manage water while out of drought, means that we will be more likely to have water during the drought itself.  Additionally, keeping a close eye on water consumption levels means that we can help keep our purchased water costs from the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) low, despite our continued growth.

As we embark on this New Year, we ask that you join with us in making smarter decisions about the water you use.

Irrigate Efficiently.   A common misconception is that applying more water to a lawn results in a greener, better looking yard.  In reality, the clay soil here in Frisco does not absorb water in high quantities over short periods of time.  As a result, a more efficient approach to watering is the cycle and soak method.  Not only does the cycle and soak method allow your yard to better absorb the water you pour on it, you will spend less money, and your yard will look better!  Schedule a Free Sprinkler Check-Up with a City of Frisco licensed irrigator to make sure your system is in proper working order and functioning efficiently.

Go Native!  Deciding to landscape your yard with native and adaptive perennials (plants that grow back on their own each year in our environment) instead of replacing non-native annuals (plants which must be replaced every year) is a great way to save water, time, and money. Over the long run, native and adapted plants require less maintenance, won’t have to be replaced as often, will save water and money, and protect local watersheds. An enormous variety of plants are native to our area. Texas Smartscape is an excellent resource for creative ideas and inspiration.

Recognize Runoff.  Did you know that here in Frisco, our creeks and streams feed into four separate watershed zones?  What we do here impacts not only our city, but also our neighbors as far away as Houston!  As a result, we should all work to ensure that water runoff from our yards has minimal impact to our surrounding watersheds.  Do your part to reduce storm water pollution.  Use fewer pesticides on your lawn, pick up after your pets, and avoid sweeping leaves or grass clippings into storm drains.

Just a few small changes in your water use can add up to big savings on your water bill and help your local environment.  Keep checking your WaterWise newsletter and websitefor more ideas throughout the year.

Thank you for joining with WaterWise to be smarter about water in 2017!

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