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Here in Frisco, our residents love things that will make their lives more convenient, especially technology.  Luckily, there are many controllers that are ET or Wi-Fi based and app compatible.  One of the drawbacks to all of this technology, however, is that most of these devices are designed to make a schedule for watering based on the settings the owner enters.  If incorrect data goes in, the controller may over or under water costing homeowners money and water.

So if you want the latest and greatest controller, do your homework.  Find out what the controllers can actually do. The best information on how well these controllers work can be found on the EPA’s Water Sense web site or Smart Water Application Technologies (SWAT) web site.  These sites recommend products based on scientific testing.  Water Sense assigns each product a pass or fail grade, while SWAT provides the actual test results.

Once you have decided which controller is best for you, WaterWise recommends that you find a licensed irrigator to install and program.  Ask questions of your potential contractors: Are they familiar with the controller and its advanced features? Have they installed the device before? How much will it cost?  If you don’t know a licensed irrigator, you can go the Dallas Irrigation Association web site at to find one in your area.

If you are hoping to participate in Frisco’s Smart Controller Program, make sure that you choose a controller from the list of qualified controllers on our website.

Our irrigators would like you to know that whatever controller you choose, there is no “set it and forget it.”  If your power goes out, you’ll need to double check the program as many controllers will revert to their factory settings, costing you money and water.  The batteries in your controller will also need to be replaced every 6 months, just like the ones in your fire alarms.

Whether you have a “smart” controller or a standard controller with a rain and freeze sensor, nothing beats a diligent, informed homeowner.  So let’s put our best foot forward Frisco; be smarter about irrigation, and water wisely.

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