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The long, hot, dog days of summer are upon us!  Rain is less frequent and the high temperatures are taking their toll on our landscape.  For many people not familiar with life in North Texas, the sight of their clay soil developing cracks is cause for concern and they start to wonder, “how will this affect my foundation?”  Never fear, Frisco’s very own licensed irrigators are here to help!

Our irrigators recommend following your builder’s instructions on foundation watering when you have them.  But if that information is not available to you, they offer the following guidelines.
Water your foundation using drip line, which will provide a more consistent and even distribution of water.  Soaker hoseswill work in a pinch, but the application of water will be uneven, and homeowners will have to do more work to keep moisture levels consistent.

Assuming there is no rain, homeowners should initially set their foundation watering drip lines to run for 20 minutes, three times a week.  On the fifth day, homeowners should take their soil moisture meter and check around their foundations.  Homeowners will be looking for a reading in the “moist” range (usually, this means the needle will be pointing straight up).

If the needle is in “dry” range, homeowners should increase the run time on the foundation watering drip lines by 5 minutes, and again running three times a week.  On the fifth day, homeowners will need to use the soil moisture meter to check their yard again.  Repeat this procedure as necessary.  Conversely, if the needle is in the “wet” range, back off the run time on the foundation drip lines by 5 minutes, and repeat until you are able to consistently maintain a moisture level in the “moist” range.

Our irrigators would like you to know that most structural engineers recommend dropping to once a week foundation watering in the winter.

Regardless of the season, the key to maintaining a level foundation is to maintain a consistent moisture level in your soil.  If you do this, those cracks in your yard’s clay soil shouldn’t affect your home.  And remember Frisco, watering your foundation with a drip line is efficient and effective, making you, WaterWise.

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